Monday, January 26, 2015

24 Technology Log

Monday, January 26
10:00am Woke up with alarm on iphone
10:30am Breakfast and coffee made using microwave and coffee maker
11:00am Check email, facebook
2:00-5:00pm Use computer to check email, do work, work on resume
3:00pm checked online for the weather report to see if it would snow
5:00pm Called my dad on the phone
6:00pm texted friends to meet up
7:00pm Use one card to swipe in for dinner
8:00-10:30pm Use computers to work on Pixel Project
11:00pm Watch Netflix on my computer

Pretty much everything I do throughout the day uses technology. Even when I am sitting in a lecture style class that doesn't use computers, I still have my phone in my pocket that I use to check the date or the time. Over the weekend, the school's network was down for several hours. It was interesting to see how this limited my day because I needed the computer for the majority of my work. As soon as the network was down people began to complain about it on social media. The functioning of technology is something that everyone expects. We often do not realize how dependent we are on technology.

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