Monday, April 13, 2015

Artist Post: Raphael Rosendaal

I first became interested in Raphael Rosendaal’s work when I came upon his piece jello time several weeks ago. I think jello time struck me because it was unlike anything I had seen before. He took jello, a simple and fairly commonplace object, and made it so we can interact with it in a new way. Jello time is visually appealing, featuring bold colors and smooth lines. The viewer is able to interact with the jello and make it move with his/her mouse. There is also sound that accompanies the movement. If you were to giggle a plate of jello in real life there would be little to no sound, but Rosendaal created his own sound to represent the movement of jello. Being able to interact with the piece made jello time especially interesting for me. I think it is the ability to interact with the jello that keeps me coming back to his this site. This site also has a comical element to it, or a sort of randomness. It makes me wonder how and why he chose jello. Somehow it just works.

A major theme of Rosendaal’s work is timelessness. For example, in his piece paper toilet, the roll can be continuously unraveled and is also simultaneously refilled. In big long now, doors can be forever opened and closed.

The websites created by Rosendaal represent a new phase in art that has become possible by technology and the internet. His art expands beyond standing in a museum and looking at a painting on a wall. The viewer can experience his work through his/her own computer screen, phone, iPad, etc. These screens are his canvas and he does a lot of unique things with this space.

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