Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Artist: Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson is best known for multi-media web based art.  He aims to give the viewer a new perspective on the world through photography, film making, web-art, collage painting, digital art, animation, video-art and sound design.

His work is psychedelic, surrealist and mystical. His work challenges the viewer to imagine and to picture alternate realities to the world around them. He uses technology to juxtapose objects that normally would normally not be viewed together. He combines familiar objects with intense colors to create fantastical worlds.

Carlson creates many of his pieces by taking his own photos and then editing them in Photoshop. He also uses 3-D rendering programs to make computer generated objects. He also draws or paints on his digital images or makes handmade collages and digitally alters them.

In addition to visual art, Carlson also creates his own music. He makes soundtracks by mixing together sounds from TV, the web, radio, phone messages, youtube videos and musical instruments, etc. He also made his own interactive website,  SUPREME OM

In the piece above, Carlson started with a handmade collage on paper and then digitally altered it to make this print.

"I strive to have my work describe life as a positive, elusive, and rich with wonder and possibility" 
-Larry Carlson

"I am inspired by the infinite permutation of visual images which parallel the infinite nature of the imagination" -Larry Carlson

Carlson is inspired by the world around him, and is especially influenced by nature.

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